CURAÇAO, My lasting love affair
Curaçao, my lasting love affair is photographer Bea Moedt’s tribute to the island where she spend half her life time and would have lived her whole life had she known about this hidden colorful Caribbean treasure earlier.

Bea’s photographs combined with creative guidelines by Elodie Heloise lure you into many behind the scene moments of life that Bea captured during her numerous strolls over the island. Through her camera lens this artist shares more than just images, she tells you stories about life on Curacao with only one purpose: to open your eyes to the beauty of all things around you without judging them.

A photograph of the ruin of a plantation house is not a sad reminder of loss but rather a curious inquiry into a life already lived. Pictures of nature seen through Bea’s eyes are not just serene or simply beautiful, they are the decors of plays and sometimes even the play itself. Animals and even people, as she sees them, become characters you can connect to sharing with you the secrets of what is going on in their world.

For those who want to see beyond the obvious this photobook is a genuine trip revealing Curaçao’s beauty with unexpected and surprising stills capturing life as it happens. And that connect flawlessly with this photographer’s moto: Embrace life and make the most of every moment of it.

Title: Curaçao, my lasting love affair – Bea Moedt
Format: 240 x 240 mm
Pages: 240 pages
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Bea Moedt
Publication: November 20, 2022
Edition: 1.500 ex.
ISBN: 978-99904-5-383-6

Carnival on Curaçao (english)
Carnival on Curaçao allows the reader to dive into the biggest Curaçaoan festival of the year. It is a colorful and sparkling, original, professional, and innovative celebration that brings people together in a grandiose sense of unity.

Carnival is there to be enjoyed, demanding participation even from the sidewalks. It is about a people showing off their very best – a festival that brings cultures together and reconciles them.

Bea Moedt and Elodie Heloise joined forces for this book. Photography combined with back ground stories will reveal to you what Carnival on Curaçao is all about.

Title: Carnaval on Curaçao
Languages: Dutch & English
Format: 140 x 220 mm
Pages: 96 pages
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Caribpublishing BV, Curaçao
Publication: 2011
Edition: 1.500 ex.
ISBN : 978-908850-184-5