The Bea Moedt Foundation was established on July 27, 2022. The objective is managing Bea Moedt’s photography legacy to create funds in support of organizations, institutions, and individuals working for good causes on the island of Curaçao.

The board members are Chairman Karel Frielink (attorney), Secretary Willem Moedt (Bea Moedt’s husband), and Treasurer Annemiek van Rooij (financial advisor).

The foundation is committed to promoting human well-being in Curaçao. One of its goals, for instance, is the Hospice Arco Advent, where people in the last phase of their lives are cared for in a home-like environment. The hospice works primarily with volunteers, and is largely dependent on financial support from, among others, the Bea Moedt Foundation.

The foundation acquires funding and awareness in a variety of ways. Many people share information about Bea Moedt, the foundation and its activities on social media, and thus encouraging people to donate money to the foundation. The foundation’s activities not only involve managing Bea Moedt’s photographic life’s work, but also making photographs available to the public in a special way.

For example, under the responsibility of the foundation the photobook Curaçao, my lasting love affair was created. The proceeds are destined for Hospice Arco Cavent. Also, individual photos on canvas can be ordered online. Of course, the foundation is open to suggestions and special requests. Send an email and we will be happy to get back to you.