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Storytelling photography by Bea Moedt

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If you found us you must be that special person with an eye for beauty and a heart for other people’s well-being.

Buying something from our website or donating to the Bea Moedt Foundation will fit your idea of life like a glove. In Bea Moedt’s spirit, the proceeds of every item for sale on this website and every donation will be used to create funds for people, institutions, and organizations working for good causes on the island of Curaçao. Not all of us can be ‘workers’, most of us can only be supporters. Know that without either nothing moves.

Thank you for being that special kind of person in support of the Bea Moedt Foundation. Together we will create more light and love in this world.

Bea Moedt is a self-taught photographer who moved from the Netherlands to Curaçao in 1993. There she picked up photography as therapy and discovered her talent. So did others and over the years Bea became a well-known photographer for newspapers, the Royal House of the Netherlands, the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival, the Marine Force of the Netherlands, the coastguard, Curaçao International Airport, KLM, and many others.

Bea traveled and did what she does best everywhere she went: capture life and tell a story through photography. On this website, you will visit Costa Rica, Cuba, China, Indonesia, Colombia, Dominica, Saint Marten, Saba, Statia, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, the Galapagos, Ecuador, Panama, and her beloved Curaçao the way she did.

She received the Grote Paul Huf award for her work and won several photography competitions. Her photography is the legacy she left behind to remind us how remarkable life is.

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